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Jimmy Jin

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"I like to work with each student closely, help them not only achieve academic success but also build their own interests in music."

- Jimmy


Graduated from the Master of Music program at University of Ottawa. Jimmy Jin is a passionate composer and music theory/violin teacher who works in both Canada and China. He enjoys working in a wide variety of musical genres, from popular to contemporary music. While pursuing his master’s degree, Jimmy worked as a music theory TA at uOttawa for two years. He has also taught music lessons in both English and Mandarin since 2018. Today, as an enthusiastic and creative teacher, Jimmy’s aim is to work with each student closely, help them not only achieve academic success but also build their own interests in music.


Jimmy Jin现居住在加拿大的作曲家与音乐老师。他于2020年被渥太华大学作曲系以全额奖学金录取,并在2年后以全A成绩毕业,获得硕士学位。在这期间,Jimmy也同时被聘为大学乐理课的助教,2年间收获了许多学生好评。Jimmy热衷于探索,写作不同风格种类的音乐,从古典,爵士到流行,民族都有所涉猎。他将他的创造性思维和丰富的音乐知识应用于教学,以此来培养学生对于音乐/乐理的热爱,调动他们自主学习的积极性,从而养成良性循环。

Musical Education and highlights

  • Master of Music in composition at Univeristy of Ottawa (2022, full scholarship)

Awards and Distinctions

  • Winner of “ACE Studio – virtual singer’s composition competition” (China) Entrance Scholarship, University of Ottawa

  • Moncton Jazz and Blues Festival Award, Mount Allison University (Composition) J. James Keith Scholarship, Mount Allison University (Academics)

  • Ada Florine Ayer Prize, Mount Allison University (Violin)


  • English 

  • Mandarin

  • Japanese (limited)

Rates and Policies



    • 30 minute private lesson 

    • 45 minute private lesson 

    • 60 minute private lesson

    • Travel Charge​


Lessons canceled within 24 hours without a valid reason will be charged. This does not apply to travel fees unless the notice is given at the door and the teachers have traveled to the location. ​


A maximum of three make-up lessons are permitted and can be rescheduled each school year (Sept - June) due to illness or emergency. Students need to notify the school and the teacher two weeks in advance if going on a vacation or extended absence to avoid extra charges. The vacation policy does not apply during summer breaks. 


Students can try out two lessons to see if it is a great fit. We value teachers' valuable time and effort, so there will not be a free trial lesson, it will be charged. After the two trial lessons, all policies start getting effect and students will be billed in terms. 

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