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Instrument Lessons



30/45/60 minutes

Learning to play an instrument is not only about making a sound but also about playing with a correct gesture, embouchure, and beautiful tone quality

and many more.  We offer lessons for:

Musical Notes

Theory and Musicianship

one on one / small groups

Younger students would begin with Musicianship to explore and learn about music reading skills, sight reading, singing, and basic music theory. Ear training and the ability to sight read music are essential aspects of well-rounded musicianship. These skills form the foundation for how we hear, play, or sing music. After Musicianship, Students would start learning Theory level 5, following RCM guidelines and participating in exams. 

Piano Keys


RCM / ABRSM / Mock Exams

Every year, we have students participating in different exams and festivals. Students can choose to complete Royal Conservatory Exams, or ABRSM (Royal Schools of Music, England).  Teachers can also arrange exams within our school for students under level 5. After completion, certificates will be awarded at the end of school year.

Piano Student

“Bella's lesson is very well instructed. She plan it well and my kids love it"

Flute student

"Andy has been studying with Ms.WEn for three years now, and I can see a big progress from note reading to playing pieces! Highly recommend Ms.WEn"

Piano student

“The teacher and the admin really cares about students”
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