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Isabella Wark

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"To help administer a passion for music with the idea that music is a beautiful way of expression as opposed to a chore or something to perfect."

- Isabella


As a flautist from Vancouver, Canada, Isabella Wark has performed throughout the city and has trained at leading Canadian music schools such as the Vancouver Academy of Music and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music. Isabella’s musical journey began when established flautist, Roderick Seed, approached her about her potential as a flute player during a high school masterclass. After excelling in her music studies, and furthering her performance experience, Isabella began studying with the principal flautist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Christie Reside, with whom she continues to learn under at the University of British Columbia.

Musical Education and highlights

  • Currently earning a Bachelor of Music degree at UBC with a major in flute performance.


  • English 

Rates and Policies



    • 30 minute private lesson 

    • 45 minute private lesson 

    • 60 minute private lesson

    • Travel Charge​


Lessons canceled within 24 hours without a valid reason will be charged. This does not apply to travel fees unless the notice is given at the door and the teachers have traveled to the location. ​


A maximum of three make-up lessons are permitted and can be rescheduled each school year (Sept - June) due to illness or emergency. Students need to notify the school and the teacher two weeks in advance if going on a vacation or extended absence to avoid extra charges. The vacation policy does not apply during summer breaks. 


Students can try out two lessons to see if it is a great fit. We value teachers' valuable time and effort, so there will not be a free trial lesson, it will be charged. After the two trial lessons, all policies start getting effect and students will be billed in terms. 

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