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Bella Zeng



"My goal is to create a positive and encouraging that allow creative exploration, and help every students achieve both an aesthetic and academic understanding of music, as well as technique and artistry."

- Bella


Bella Zeng began studying piano at the age of 4 in China. She completed her level 10 exam at the age of 13. When she moved to Canada at the age 15, she continued studying under Dietmar Schmuecker who helped her prepare for music festivals and performances. Bella currently holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Education from the University of Victoria, where she studied under professor Arthur Rowe, and May Ling Kwok. During her years at the University of Victoria, Bella was an active accompanist and performed with instrumental soloists and vocalists. 
Bella began teaching piano in 2016. She creates an environment that allows exploration in music. Coming from an education background, Bella has a deep understanding of her influence as a teacher on her students. Her lessons are student-centered and are tailored to her students’ needs. She believes in the importance of positive education and enables students to be self-learners by constantly challenging her students’ ability of critical thinking. She strives to help her students build love and passion for music, and develop skills that grow with students. Bella strives to develop her students into well-rounded musicians from start to finish. 
Bella’s lessons include RCM exam preparation, music theory, ear training, chord progression, sight reading and music history. In addition to building her student’s intrinsic passion for music, she also emphasizes heavily on technique development and artistry. Bella believes that excellent technique and artistry lays a critical foundation for a diverse range of pieces and enables students to branch out into different musical styles. 

Musical Education and highlights

  • Bachelor degree in Musical Arts

  • Master degree in Education


  • English 

  • Mandarin

Rates and Policies



    • 30 minute private lesson 

    • 45 minute private lesson 

    • 60 minute private lesson

    • Travel Charge​


Lessons canceled within 24 hours without a valid reason will be charged. This does not apply to travel fees unless the notice is given at the door and the teachers have traveled to the location. ​


A maximum of three make-up lessons are permitted and can be rescheduled each school year (Sept - June) due to illness or emergency. Students need to notify the school and the teacher two weeks in advance if going on a vacation or extended absence to avoid extra charges. The vacation policy does not apply during summer breaks. 


Students can try out two lessons to see if it is a great fit. We value teachers' valuable time and effort, so there will not be a free trial lesson, it will be charged. After the two trial lessons, all policies start getting effect and students will be billed in terms. 

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